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The first article we would like to share with you is about Flourescent Tube Lighting.

Please note that LED lighting DOES NOT CONTAIN MERCURY or any other harmful substance.

Flourescent Tube Lighting.

What happened.
On the 10thFebruary 2011 the energy saver globe fused at the home of the IP. He did not wait for the globe to cool down, standing on a chair with a piece of cloth and remove the energy saver globe. Due to the heat of the energy saver globe he dropped the globe. As the globe fell on the floor it “explode” (brake). As he descend from the chair he stepped into the broken glass and exposed mercury powder.
The InPatient was admitted to hospital for treatment of the cuts. He spent two weeks in ICU and at one stage it was feared that his foot need to be amputated. Currently his foot is connected to a vacuum pump to remove continuously dead tissue. Long road of recovery is awaiting him.